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11:01, 25 November 2006 (UTC) To clear things up: Base Layer Output Layer Description qwerty qwerty The standard Qwerty layout qwerty Dvorak The custom layout I have here (Shortcuts are supposed to follow Qwerty) Dvorak qwerty No use! Could we get some examples of these, or links to articles or images discussing them? Fri, Apr 26, 4:39 PM MW-1.34-notes (1.34.0-wmf.3; ), Patch-For-Review, wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, Reference Previews, TCB-Team wmde-Fisch updated subscribers of T218765: Show referencePreviews on click. Edit A r a 1936. Jammycakes (t) (c) 13:23, (UTC) Microswitch? There were lots of typewriters with all the vowels on one side. And can't I put the link to download my layout in this sentence "Several PC versions, consisting in the original layout with accented vowels added, are also being developed." as reference? Mon, Apr 29, 8:36 AM MW-1.34-notes (1.34.0-wmf.3; ), Patch-For-Review, wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, Reference Previews, TCB-Team wmde-Fisch added a comment to T220200: Horizontal scrollbar on reference previews is hidden by the vertical fadout.

The Luizer ( talk ) 19:06, (UTC) That is a very good point, the article should be changed to reflect that. 33 F 43 # 53 - 34 G 44 Y 54 shiftr 35 H 45 X 55 NUM 36 J 46 C 56 ALT 37 K 47 V 57 space 38 L 48 B 58 caps 39 Ö 49 N 59. Thu, May 9, 9:10 AM MW-1.34-notes (1.34.0-wmf.5; ), Patch-For-Review, wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, wmde-qwerty-Season-Sprint-, wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, TCB-Team, Reference Previews wmde-Fisch moved T213955: Add support for aliased parameter names in source-wiki templates from Review to Demo on the wmde-qwerty-Sprint- board. Wed, May 8, 4:19 PM MW-1.34-notes (1.34.0-wmf.4; ), wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, Patch-For-Review, wmde-qwerty-Sprint-, TCB-Team, Wikimedia-production-error, Two-Column-Edit-Conflict-Merge wmde-Fisch added a comment to T222445: Disable FileExporter on all Arabic projects per Commons community request. There are many other word differences, like the usual th English sequence (see the H - T together in Dvorak? Except when I need qwerty for basic system setup and changes, it's just fine.